I was browsing some StackExchange sites tonight, when I ran into a few questions about cell-phone usage in the context of recruitment and job searching. One answer to such a question was mentioning setting a proper and professional voicemail message because that will increase the chances of the caller actually leaving a message.

All this got me thinking about my own voicemail and the fact that I never set one up for my phone. So I said to give it a try, what could possibly go wrong ? Since I had no idea how to do that, what other choice did I have except to Google it ? What I found was very… for a lack of a better word: interesting.

On the Google page, 8 out of 10 results were actually about how to disable this feature. We’re talking in the context of my provider and in the context of a prepay card (which is what I have).

All this is extremely bizarre to me because this:

  • takes 2 minutes or less to set up
  • could be proven to be quite a useful service
  • and it’s actually free.

Since Google ranks results by relevance and popularity, I suspect many people want to disable voicemail. I would be curious to ask them why, if I could. It could be related to some fundamental embarassment of our own voices (which applies to all of us), but I think in the case of Romanians (a group to which I belong) the motive has some sort of cultural connection which, off-the-top of my head, I’m completely missing.

I’d be curious to see some surveys about how many people in my country have voicemail enabled. And why. And, if not, why not ? I’ll Google it. Hopefully I won’t end up with results telling me how to avoid surveys.

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